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Wilridge Distillery produces fine brandy, grappa and other spirits from the bounty of the Wilridge Estate Vineyard and Orchard on Naches Heights near Yakima, Washington.  Grapes, apples, pears, plums, apricots and other fruits are grown Organically and Biodynamically.  They are harvested at the peak of ripeness, naturally fermented with no additives, and distilled a single time through a Portuguese hand-hammered copper alembic potstill.  The resulting brandy spirits are true "eau de vies" or "waters of life" that capture the essential aromas and flavors of the fruits from which they were grown and made. Wilridge spirits may be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in cocktails.  Make your own refreshing hard seltzer by mixing any Wilridge brandy or grappa with soda water.  

Wilridge Distillery fulfills a lifelong dream of Wilridge Winemaker and Master Distiller Paul Bevridge to make some of the best brandy and grappa in the world.  Washington state has long been known for the quality of its grapes, apples, pears and other fruit.  However, no distillery has fulfilled the potential of Washington fruit in quality brandy.  Other Washington craft distilleries make great whiskey, vodka and gin, but Wilridge Distillery has set the bar for making Washington State brandy.

Fruit Brandy:

Wilridge brandies are 100% fruit.  They contain no other ingredients.  It takes a box of fruit to make one bottle of Wilridge brandy.  The brandy is clear, fresh and pure.  It's bottled shortly after distillation and is meant to be consumed immediately upon release.  The current offerings include: Gala Apple, Honey Crisp Apple, Bartlett Pear (Poire William), Danjou Pear, Rival Apricot and Mirabelle Plum (Kirshwasser).  The fruit is picked at the peak of ripeness, fermented naturally in small lots, and distilled in a single pass through the Wilridge hand-hammered copper alembic potstill.  Try the brandy neat in a small glass, on the rocks, with soda water or in your favorite cocktails.

Aged Brandy:

A small portion of Wilridge brandy is aged in French Oak barrels in the cellar on Naches Heights.  Because of the aging time required, Wilridge currently has only has one aged brandy for sale:  an eight year old grape brandy.  Made in ehe style of the finest French Cognac, Wilridge Aged Brandy has wonderful aromas of butterscotch and caramel, with a beautiful copper color. It may be served neat, on the rocks, or in any cocktail calling for brandy or Cognac.  

Grappa and Marc: 

Grappa and Marc are made from the pomace of Wilridge Estate Vineyard wine grapes.  When the wines are pressed, the grape skins are saved and placed inside the Wilridge hand-hammered copper alembic potstill for distillation.  The delicate aromas are gently extracted by a double boiler using a water jacket around the still to keep the grape skins from burning.  The volitile "heads" are discarded, and only the finest spirit "hearts" of the distillation are retained for bottling.  Wilridge Distillery produces fine Grappa from Italian Moscatto (Muscat Blanc), Nebbiolo and Sangiovese grapes grown Organically and Biodynamically at the Wilridge Estate Vineyard.  Wilridge Distillery also produces Marc from the French grape Viognier, also grown at the Wilridge Estate Vineyard.  When grown, fermented and distilled to perfection, Wilirdge Grappa and Marc capture the fresh aromas of the harvest in every glass.  Enjoy Wilridge Grappa and Marc neat in a small glass, over ice, in espresso (for a Cafe' Coretto) or in cocktails.  Try substituting Wilridge Grappa or Marc for any white spirit in your favorite cocktails.

Wilridge Grappa and Marc also help Wilridge pursue its mission as the "Greenest Winery" in Washington State. Before Wilridge had a still, the grape skins and seeds left over from wine fermentation were returned to Wilridge Vineyard for composting.  The delicious alcohol remaining in the grape skin pomace was wasted.  Now the alcohol in the fermented grape skins is captured by distillation and bottled for you to enjoy.

The Wilridge Still:

The Wilridge alembic potstill was hand hammering in northern Portugal from a single piece of copper -- by one of only two artisans left in the world who keep this traditional still making method alive. The Wilridge potstill uses an artisanal six hundred year old technology to capture the delicate aromas of the fruit grown at Wilridge Vineyard and Orchard. The 80 gallon still is the perfect size to gently release the aromas, which travel through a copper "swan neck" before being captured in a coiled copper condenser.  A double boiler system with a water bath around the still is employed to avoid scorching the fruit over the fire during distillation.  Unlike the process for neutral spirits such as vodka (where flavor is removed by repeatedly distilling the product) fine brandy and grappa is made using only one single pass through the still.  This process retains the incredible fruit aromas in the spirit.

Awards and Accolades:

Wilridge Estate Nebbiolo Grappa - Double Gold Medal, Seattle International Spirits Awards

Wilridge Estate Honey Crisp Apple Brandy - Double Gold Medal, Seattle International Spirits Awards

Wilridge Apricot Brandy - Double Gold Medal, Seattle International Spirits Awards




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