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The Organic Difference

Organic practices yield standout fruit resulting in wines of exceptional and unique character.

Certified Organic and Biodynamic, Wilridge Estate Vineyard focuses on outstanding wines produced free of toxic pesticides and practices that help sustain the environment

Organic Grapes

Wine grapes are one of crops that receive the heaviest application of pesticides – millions of tons are sprayed on grape vines each year. Not us, not on the Wilridge Estate.

Organically grown grapes are farmed without harmful pesticides. Drinking organic wine reduces your exposure to harmful chemicals, reduces the impact of pesticide use on the workers who grow the grapes, reduces the threat to groundwater contamination and helps to promote biodiversity.

We're committed to growing the grapes that are in Wilridge estate wines without putting toxic substances on to the our vines our soil and our water. Free of pesticide and chemical residues, our estate wines are produced in a way that actually enhances the health of the environment.